Point my all domains to same content

I have a website. like this:

I use Cloudflare Pro Plan for this domain. (I pay 20$ per month to have Pro Plan)

So I want to point all of my 1000 domains to my host.

and etc

All of the content of the domains are the same. Because all domains load from a unique host.

So my question is: Should I pay 20$ per domain to have this or can I pay once 20$ per month for all domains. because other domains just alias domain and the content is the same and points to the same host.


It sounds like your server has a site with a thousand aliases that point to the same content.

What is it about the Pro plan you need for each of these domains?

If anything, maybe you want a Business Plan that will let you CNAME a thousand hostnames in Free Plans to the main one on the Biz plan.

I need to activate WAF for all domains and other page rules and etc.

If I use Business Plan, can I do it?

I’m pretty sure, because domain2 will be a CNAME for domain1, which has WAF and Page Rules, but I’m going to call in the other @MVP members to verify how this works.



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