Point domain to sub-domain


I have a domain and DDNS noip sub-domain. How can i use my own domain to know my DDNS noip ip?

What i need to set to achive. let’s say my domain. foo.com, my ddns sub domain. 1234.noip.com

I want to acces my web server in 1234 noip from foo domain. I don’t want fordwarding url.

But i want like cloudflare auto fetch ip from 1234 noip and change A in dns foo automatically.

So i can just use foo without any redirection.

Simply create a CNAME and point it to 1234.noip.com.

If you create it for the naked domain, Cloudflare will automatically flatten it as those cant be CNAMEs, but it will still work.

What field name i need to input? WWW?

Whatever you like and whatever you want it to be accessible under.

I fill it WWW. but i get DNS origin error.

Post a screenshot of what you configured. And whats the domain?

ip-dynamic is DDNS service. Its not a web hosting. Cause my router keep change ip when restart.

I need to use this service.

And the domain is?

This error i get when i access from https://keluaranhk.cc

You are not accessing the www record here.

You might want to have a look at Redirect example.com to www.example.com

I dont understand, what u means.

I can access my web server from DDNS sub-domain http://111213215735.ip-dynamic.com/

No, that is not accessible -> sitemeer.com/#111213215735.ip-dynamic.com/

I check with this https://ipinfo.info/html/ip_checker.php

Alright, your server is exclusively reachable via SSL.

Thats good, though you have an invalid certificate there and should fix that.

I check with this too. https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/111213215735.ip-dynamic.com

If u cant access. i think it need times to propagation.

Thats not a propagation issue.

First step, fix your certificate.

And yes, your domain is accessible at this point


Ok, it redirect succefull. but i want to keep the domain. keluaranhk.cc, my result is it use sub-domain from DDNS service. u can try access from keluaranhk.cc

As I said, you should first fix the certificate.