Point Domain to SiteGround from Shopify

Cloudflare is my domain registrar. I want to move from Shopify to Siteground. How do I change the nameservers? I went to DNS settings but there is no option to change them, from what I can see.

Cloudflare is the registrar for my domain and all the tutorials are for domains that have other registrars.

I transferred my domain to Cloudflare’s registrar about a month ago and I cannot transfer it out until 60 days.

As you will see in the images below, Cloudflare tells me that my domain is hosted by a partner and to manage the DNS there, but Siteground asks me to change the nameservers at my registrar, which is Cloudflare. I’m stuck in a loop.

Please help. Thank you.

For starters, censoring the domain name is a very bad idea when asking for help.

Then, yes, your domain is registered with Cloudflare, which means you’ll have a full setup and not a partner setup, however one of your screenshots does suggest that you have a partner setup too. You’d need to disable that first on your host’s side and then make sure all your DNS records are properly configured on Cloudflare’s side.

This also brings us to the nameserver point, you cannot change them. You need to make sure your DNS records on Cloudflare are up to date and point to the right host, which should be seemingly Siteground.

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