Point domain to external hosting provider

Hi, I have transferred my domain to Cloudflare. I am using an external hosting provider. How I can connect my domain with my existing hosting provider.

Previously both domain name and hosting were managed by the same company.


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. You will need to create at least one DNS for the web address of your site.

Obtain the IP address for the server hosting your site and create an A record for your domain name. This tutorial has more details on creating DNS records.

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I have added A records. Now it’s working.

My root domain is imranpollob. com so I have added a new A record with name = @ and IPv4 = hosting IP address.

For other subdomains let’s say paste. imranpollob. com, I have added a new A record with name = paste and IPv4 = hosting IP address

Note for cPanel users: you can find your hosting IP address by login into cPanel. It’s on the right-hand side.


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