Point domain to another DNS location

We’re looking at possibly using Cloudflare as the domain registrar and most of the domains we’ll be transferring in will use Cloudflare as the DNS provider. We have a few domains where the root of the domain needs pointed elsewhere. I see how to do this with a sub-domain and that works without any issues. But when I try to go into the portal and add an NS record for “@” it doesn’t seem to work as I tried it 3 days ago and whatsmydns is still showing the Cloudflare NS records. Is this possible or does it only work with sub-domain delegation?

Point elsewhere in which context? Pointing an A record is easy.

That wouldnt be pointing it elsewhere but attempting to delegate the entire domain to another nameserver and that is not currently possible when the domain is on Cloudflare and that includes domains using Cloudflare as registrar.

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Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to know.