Point domain at Shopify

  1. This week I registered purchased a hosting plan with SiteGround, and a .com.au domain
  2. I soon realised that I’s prefer a Shopify site.
  3. As Siteground do not provide a free DNS zone (and I’m unable to transfer it for at least 60 days after registration), I needed to register it with Cloudflare so I could then cancel the unused hosting plan with Siteground. I have now registered it with Cloudflare.
  4. I now need to change the DNS, to point it to the Shopify site. How do I do this?

Follow Shipify’s instructions linked below.


Shopify provides an IP address to point the A record, and a Cname record for www, but I cannot see where to change this in the Cloudflare dash.

Perhaps this might help

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Very helpful. Thank you so much!

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