Point DNS to my hosting

The question is: I have my hosting in another place there I have 2 DNS of them that I want to configure to my domain purchased in cloudflare. cloudflare gives me two DNS but I want to use the DNS of my hosting, what is the configuration that I should follow? How do I make it point to the DNS of my hosting and not use cloudflare’s dns?

You cannot do that. If you don’t want to use Cloudflare’s DNS, you have to transfer the domain do a different registrar.


I had not considered this limitation, taking into account that I have bought several domains in cloudflare. If it is not possible to point the dns to my hosting as you tell me, well I will make a decision, thanks for your answer.

Instead of changing your name servers, you can use Cloudflare DNS records to point the site to your hosting provider too. You just have to get the IP addresses from your hosting provider.

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