Poetry errors out in Cloudlflare Page

Adding Python Poetry to the Pages build gives an unknown error:

2023-12-07T22:11:43.563651Z	Cloning repository...
2023-12-07T22:11:45.943643Z	From https://github.com/akshaybabloo/gollahalli.com
2023-12-07T22:11:45.944311Z	 * branch            23ec0d1f98fe0476058c9a1b3208bc4e9a2a6ad9 -> FETCH_HEAD
2023-12-07T22:11:46.22686Z	HEAD is now at 23ec0d1 Update hugo version
2023-12-07T22:11:47.804194Z	Submodule 'themes/spark2' (https://github.com/akshaybabloo/spark-hugo-theme) registered for path 'themes/spark2'
2023-12-07T22:11:47.804918Z	Cloning into '/opt/buildhome/clone/themes/spark2'...
2023-12-07T22:11:47.805132Z	Submodule path 'themes/spark2': checked out '62851edbbf7824790ba6f225fffd049a29c43ade'
2023-12-07T22:11:47.84061Z	Success: Finished cloning repository files
2023-12-07T22:11:49.181926Z	Detected the following tools from environment: [email protected], hugo@extended_0.119.0, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
2023-12-07T22:11:49.636921Z	Preparing [email protected] for immediate activation...
2023-12-07T22:11:50.57056Z	Installing hugo extended_0.119.0
2023-12-07T22:11:50.743237Z	* Downloading hugo release extended_0.119.0...
2023-12-07T22:11:52.46898Z	hugo extended_0.119.0 installation was successful!
2023-12-07T22:11:52.855633Z	Installing project dependencies: yarn --pure-lockfile --no-progress --emoji false
2023-12-07T22:11:53.574703Z	yarn install v1.22.19
2023-12-07T22:11:53.690937Z	[1/4] Resolving packages...
2023-12-07T22:11:56.157883Z	[2/4] Fetching packages...
2023-12-07T22:12:17.702038Z	[3/4] Linking dependencies...
2023-12-07T22:12:17.706791Z	warning "workspace-aggregator-4ad87615-7b6c-493b-b3e2-957d0bf253e9 > spark2 > [email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "@types/node@*".
2023-12-07T22:12:32.567709Z	[4/4] Building fresh packages...
2023-12-07T22:12:35.306612Z	Done in 41.74s.
2023-12-07T22:12:35.355331Z	Installing project dependencies: poetry install
2023-12-07T22:12:36.896851Z	Creating virtualenv gollahalli-com-VmB9M1Nz-py3.11 in /opt/buildhome/.cache/pypoetry/virtualenvs
2023-12-07T22:12:38.804055Z	Installing dependencies from lock file
2023-12-07T22:12:38.926671Z	Package operations: 19 installs, 0 updates, 0 removals
2023-12-07T22:12:38.927238Z	  • Installing mdurl (0.1.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:38.927995Z	  • Installing typing-extensions (4.8.0)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.155742Z	  • Installing annotated-types (0.6.0)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.156926Z	  • Installing certifi (2023.11.17)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.159415Z	  • Installing charset-normalizer (3.3.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.161176Z	  • Installing idna (3.6)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.162492Z	  • Installing markdown-it-py (3.0.0)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.164902Z	  • Installing pydantic-core (2.14.5)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.167723Z	  • Installing pygments (2.17.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:40.170223Z	  • Installing urllib3 (2.1.0)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.909738Z	  • Installing click (8.1.7)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.910756Z	  • Installing packaging (23.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.911621Z	  • Installing psutil (5.9.6)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.911884Z	  • Installing pydantic (2.5.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.915842Z	  • Installing pyyaml (6.0.1)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.916852Z	  • Installing requests (2.31.0)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.917527Z	  • Installing rich (13.7.0)
2023-12-07T22:12:41.918538Z	  • Installing toml (0.10.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:42.39816Z	  • Installing uhugo (1.3.2)
2023-12-07T22:12:42.505524Z	/opt/buildhome/repo/gollahalli does not contain any element
2023-12-07T22:12:42.654809Z	Error: Exit with error code: 1
2023-12-07T22:12:42.655494Z	    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/snapshot/dist/run-build.js)
2023-12-07T22:12:42.655783Z	    at Object.onceWrapper (node:events:652:26)
2023-12-07T22:12:42.656027Z	    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:537:28)
2023-12-07T22:12:42.656226Z	    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:291:12)
2023-12-07T22:12:42.666173Z	Failed: build command exited with code: 1
2023-12-07T22:12:43.691194Z	Failed: error occurred while running build command

not sure what this means. Removing Poetry file fixes it. Also, I think Poetry needs an update as the latest one is 1.7.1 and Pages uses 1.6.1 according to Language support and tools · Cloudflare Pages docs

No idea how to use Poetry but googling the error yields: python - Poetry install on an existing project Error "does not contain any element" - Stack Overflow
and the Poetry docs: The pyproject.toml file | Documentation | Poetry - Python dependency management and packaging made easy

This looks like a config issue rather than something that would change in a minor version.

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