Plz check why my domain is not change

how i talk with support my issue is too much urgent but I have no business plan

Free plan does not have a way to contact support for technical issues, only account and registrar issues.

If you post technical details about your issue, then this community can help.

actually i want to cahnge my doamin name I was set up on easy wp and add records on cloudflaare also 24 hours before I done this process but still domin name is not change godday support tells me your provider is Cloudflare they can resolve your issue

now i am worried about this how my problem is solve

Like from to

my prvios domain name is
i want to change this tklogicscom

Do you own My guess is you just can make a CNAME record that points to tklogics-bb7d09.ingress-daribow.ewplive?

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Your domain name servers are wrong. WHOIS is reporting ALIZA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM and WESLEY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM

But the screenshot is showing two different ones. You should follow this guide for chaning them

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plz tell me now need to change name server ?

how i change nameserver here is not proper guide
can u plz help me

I linked you the guide that has provider-specfic instructions

Any guide I give you will just be copy and paste


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