Plugin provider states that late prices appearing on product page are due to caching and Cloudflare

Hello everybody,
maybe somebody can give me a hint how to fix a crucial problem.

When my product pages are loading, everything seems fine - however, the price of the product loads 4 - 10 seconds later, which kicks off a lot of visitors.
The plugin provider for the shop system pushes me to WP Rocket (caching for faster loading) and they push me to Cloudflare. See the video for easier understanding:

Any idea about the reason for this behaviour?

Thanks in advance


It looks like you have some scripts that are taking time. On your speed tab, if you see:

Try the new Speed page to see how your site performs. Activate.

then please click activate to activate a film strip view of your page load. An option, go to and test your site. You’ll visually see the elements of your page as they are loaded and perhaps be able to identify the slow load.

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