Plugin Makes It Easy To Upload And Stream Video On WordPress Sites


I had some hard time making it work due to difdficulty to find the APÏ account ID (which is not the account username as I first thought. That’s because that Account ID is not found in your account profile page but on the sidebar of the home page of the site where streaming is installed. Hope it helps someone else…

ok,… now… let’s try to make that plugin work… what does it do anyway :slight_smile:

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@cloonan from

Powered by the Cloudflare Stream API, the Cloudflare Stream Video Plugin for WordPress integrates fully with the WordPress Admin console. Content editors can easily embed videos into article content within the WordPress dashboard. It uses a block editor-first approach, leaning into the future of WordPress via the WordPress block editor. It also leverages WordPress’s Media Library APIs so users can stay within the WordPress console to make edits or manage their video library.

does that mean it only works with wordpress new gutenberg editor and not with classic editor if wordpress users revert to the old classic editor ?