Pls update IP list

There was access through Cloudflare with a IP address(240d:1b:4f:e300:a8a4:15ce:c6ad:1331), but please update it because it is not include the following IP range list.

Hi @sre3, that page should be up to date, do you see Cloudflare access in your audit logs? I’d let support know if there is random/unidentified access as a ‘just in case’. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you can share the ticket number here I’l keep an eye on progress.

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I don’t think that would show up in the Audit Logs if it’s a hit on their website. The OP wasn’t very specific on where they saw this IP address. Maybe it was someone bypassing Cloudflare to get to their site.

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Yes, it won’t show in the audit log if someone is just visiting the site. When Cloudflare accesses accounts (dash), it will show as Cloudflare access in the audit logs, but no IP.

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That is the visitor’s IP, not Cloudflare. 240d:1b:4f:e300:a8a4:15ce:c6ad:1331 is delegated to SO-NET So-net Entertainment Corporation, JP not Cloudflare.



Thank you all.

As OliverGrant says, the example IP was So-net
Sorry for my lack of confirmation. But it was very helpful.

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