Pls correct our range of location for your products

Our range ips address are showing wrong location - country - region - city on your products .
We have own ISP NTT port in Virginia -
but only your Geolocation db showing wrong Country with data info , so we want pls update our range Country with data info.
We’re using your DNS for our servers

we don’t want disclose our range in public but if you want we can share our range in private
Kind Regards

I believe Cloudflare uses MaxMind. Have you tried their test?

Hi, already corrected our ranges of ips address from months .
we’re jus here because we’re hear cloudfare using own geolocation db that why
open this threads for corrections . our ranges corrected anywhere on geo db sites. only amazon and cloudfare products sites are not correct , showing wrong country .

Can you tell us ? amazon which geolocation db is using ? This is main problem for us .when our clients using our ISP line for internet

If you don’t have a dashboard account with Cloudflare, try emailing support AT cloudflare DOT com and let them know your IP range and the problem. Hopefully you’ll automatically get a ticket number in a reply. Post that ticket number here so someone can make sure it gets a response.


Nobody reply . my ticket number is : #2176407


Hi @just.shani . I will send you a message on the ticket to clarify what you’re seeing here. As indicated by @sdayman this would be dependent on the geolocation through Maxmind but if they’ve made a change we’ll need to dig into this.

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