Plesk with Cloudflare?


Hello Community,

a few days ago I tried to use Cloudlfare for our youth soccer club, but unfortunately I can’t manage it and I keep encountering problems with SSL.

The mistake is:
SSL Mismatch

I use a Letsencrypt certificate on the Plesk server and despite a lot of searching I don’t get the problem, maybe you can help me so that I can finally use Cloudflare and not only the DNS can lafuen about it.

I would be very happy to hear from you.

Best regards


Whats the domain?






Your site loads fine for me, also the certificate is in place. The site is not proxied through Cloudflare though. Should you want that feature you’d need to switch the DNS records to :orange: and make sure the SSL mode is “Full strict”.



ok i will try and hope that the page is not down after ;).

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