Plesk Update Port 8447

Plesk uses port 8443 and 8447 to access its dashboard and for updated respectively. I can access just fine with port 8443 but for the updates I can’t. Can port 8447 be opened or how can I open it?


Only using Spectrum (might cost), or :grey: (DNS-only) that hostname (not what we want right?).

Otherwise, I’d sugest you to change that particular port 8447 to some other which is supported and compatible with Cloudflare proxy :orange:

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I cant use any other port because Plesk will break since it uses port 8443 already to log in.

Can you point me to what to do using Spectrum?

You said that if I change the DNS entry with the domain name to DNS-Only instead of proxy it will work? Do I need to wait sometime to see the changes take over?


You can easily change the admin port with onboard tools to :443 without any trouble. For the Update port, yes it seems to be hard-coded to 8447, but you can use internal redirects to direct a subdomain (e.g.: updates.server.tld ==> internally to :8447 which would make it available through Cloudflare, as it now externally uses Port :443.

You can differenciate through multiple things:

  • ports
  • (sub)domains

So multiple applications can use port 8443 if they hit the port with different referrer (so if they call it from different domains).
Same does Plesk, it serves multiple domains on :443 as it differenciates them by what domain someone calls port :443 through.

Beside that, go with what @fritex said.

And if you are good with CLI/Shell etc. you can easily use the CLI from Plesk to manage the whole server, to add extensions and modules and to update it.

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