I have asked that in Plesk-Forum before but they said me that i would better ask here (see: Input - Cloudflare-Extension: Hide real-IP | Plesk Forum).

Now my input is the following:
I have installed the “Plesk ServerShield Extension” in “Plesk-Onyx” but at this point the real-ip of the visitors is show in logfiles and so on.

Now i want to ask how can i disable that without deinstalling this extension? Is it enough to disable under “Apache configuration” the “Cloudflare”-option?

Thanks in advance,

What’s wrong with having your visitors’ real IP addresses in the log files? That’s generally a good thing to have, and is standard procedure if you’re not using Cloudflare.

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Thats not the answer to the question :slight_smile:

Maybe Support can answer that: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Thanks, i have write them. Need to wait now :slight_smile:

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