Plesk ServerShield-Extension, Namecheap Registrar

I’m currently have a Domain registered at Namecheap where I adjusted the Nameserver to the ones given by Cloudflare and used the Cloudflare-Dashboard to redirect the requests to the IP Address of my Plesk-Server which is receiving them fine.
This works so far as of now.

What I would like to use though would be the Plesk-ServerShield Extension. I already tried to set it up. Initially I received an error, that my DNS for my domain is already managed by cloudflare. I then deleted my domain from the cloudflare dashboard and tried to use the setup from the plesk extension (ServerShield). This seems to work “fine” in a way that it set up/readded the domain to my cloudflare account again. So I tried to access my domain from a browser which resulted in cloudflare seemingly not resolving anymore, rendering my server unavailable via the domain (but still available via the IP itself of course).
I’m wondering if I’m missing something here?! What is the exact process of using the Plesk-ServerShield extension and what are the requirements given I have my Domain registered at Namecheap and own a Server that runs Plesk? I mean what are the steps?

Currently I think of a scenario where everything is default (i.e. the domain doesn’t use the nameservers of cloudflare yet) and would start with:

  1. Going to my Plesk installation admin panel
  2. Install ServerShield
  3. Login via ServerShield into my cloudflare account
  4. Check my TLD to be secured by cloudflare within the extension
  5. What now?! Is there any further setup that is required? As I was at this point already (at least kind of, I still used the nameservers of cloudflare at my registar (namecheap)), it didn’t work back then.

I would highly appreciate if someone could write me a short step-by-step guide on what to do to get ServerShield running on my Plesk.