Plesk Obsidian Cloudflare Extension does not work

I am running Plesk Obsidian on an Ubuntu Server (latest versions). With Plesk comes an extension to simplify the setup of a Cloudflare shield. This works fine if also the bind9 service as DNS Server is up and running. Now I have a new CNAME entry in the (internal) DNS configuration of my server, and received a success message for setting up the cloudflare shield. Same happens in my Cloudflare account when checking the status. Everything seems to be fine. However, there is no traffic going through the cloudflare shield and also a test with says my domain is NOT using Cloudflare DNS.
I found some hints on the internet proposing to replace the standard DNS entries of my registrar by the appropriat Cloudflare DNS-Servers but I could not test it as I do not know how to find out what the right entries for “my” Cloudflare DNS-Servers should be?
Any idea how to solve this?

Nameservers will be at the bottom of the dns app in the cloudflare dash. If you’ve not told those to your registrar, that’s the next step. What is the domain?

EDIT: You’re on a partial partner setup where you don’t need to change the nameservers.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply! the domain is
Going to and logging in I find under DNS:
Vom Partner gehostete Zone
Ihre DNS-Zonendatei wird von your Plesk server , einem Cloudflare-Partner, gehostet. Sie können Ihre DNS-Einträge auf deren Website verwalten.
nothing else? No more DNS-Information like the DNS-Server names

What is “this”? The Cloudflare extension?

Where are you checking the status?

In general, nothing is easier in using a 3rd party DNS server and CNAME setup to manage Cloudflare.

But does not work. Bind9 is a DNS-Server (Linux) which is installed on my server and provides DNS-services which are currently NOT aligned with the DNS entries on registrar level. Hope, this answers your questions.
However seems to be much more difficult to get cloudfare work as expected and also very time consuming.

In a partial setup with the plugin the plugin is supposed to theoretically be updating the DNS on the local server which is managing the authoritative DNS for the zone and at the same time pushing some config changes to entries in Cloudflare for the corresponding entries. If your local Bind server isn’t the authoritative one you need to copy the changes made in that DNS to your authoritative DNS wherever that is hosted/managed… or just make Cloudflare your authoritative DNS, that’s generally much easier.

If your DNS server isn’t the authoritative one then the plugin isn’t modifying your DNS.

Then I would prefer to make Cloudflare my authoritative DNS. What do I have to do to achieve this?

Hi @11111, that would require a fresh setup directly with Cloudflare and a change of your nameservers with your domain registrar, good #Tutorials here, Step 1: Adding your domain to Cloudflare.

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