Plesk Migration Cloudflare not Working on New Server - Still Pointing to Old Server

Cloudflare was working on my old Server using Plesk with the “ServerShield by Cloudflare” extension.

I migrated websites and databases to the new server using Plesk Migrator.

Transferred the domains and pointed them to the new server with the Domains are working fine.

Activated the domains in the ServerSheild by Cloudflare which looks like everything is activated.

Tested domains using and said NO CDN in use.

So I tried several thing like uninstalling the Cloudflare Extension on the old server, reinstalling on new server and reactivating domains, etc…

BUT when I go into my Cloudflare Account under:
DNS Records

Your DNS zone file is hosted by your Plesk server, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the your Plesk server website is still linked to my OLD SERVER how and where do I change this to point at my new server?

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