PLESK DNS as slave to Cloudflare DNS Master

I am sure this question has been asked in various ways without any clear answer. I am hitting the same problem and since there is no clear answer I am asking the same question again but in my own words.

What’s the issue?

My dedicated server uses a PLESK control panel. Plesk manages its own DNS (BIND).
I have domains on the server which purely use DNS on the server. I also have domains that use Cloudflare DNS and nothing else.

One domain, in particular, is registered through Cloudflare and uses Cloudflare’s DNS and it is pointing to the PLESK hosting server. In order for me to have SSL/TLS on my mails for this domain, I need to install SSL (I am using LetsEncrypt) but it is failing because it is trying to write a DNS record on PLESK BUT since my primary DNS is with Cloudflare the record never gets to Cloudflare so the action fails.

I switched my DNS for this domain on PLESK to SLAVE…

What is the question?

Does Cloudflare support BIND-based external DNS Slaves?

What do you mean?

I mean since Cloudflare is my Master DNS, if I switch DNS on PLESK to SLAVE, will the record be written at Cloudflare’s side?

Zone transfers are only supported on Enterprise plans.

Maybe, if Plesk has support for Cloudflare API integration, but I didn’t find any such feature.

There are ways to leverage CNAMEs by using alias domains in DNS-01 challenges in some ACME clients, but all of that is outside of what the Cloudflare Community can provide assistance with.

You might have better luck finding answer to this challenge on either the Plesk forum or the Let’s Encrypt forum, as I suspect you are going to have to create your own solution to update your Cloudflare DNS from your Plesk mailserver.

I spoke with Plesk support and they actually asked me to ask Cloudflare if they support slaves DNS. From what you said and I looked at the article, only enterprise supports the slave. Now I am asking myself if I have a system that depends heavily on DNS and writes records every now and then, I will be having to manually update CF often.

I got around my issue by manually creating the ACME record in CF to get it to work while I had my DNS in slave mode on Plesk

Cloudflare supports secondary DNS for Enterprise zones as indicates.

If your system relies on frequent updates to DNS Cloudflare has an API for making changes directly.

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