Plesk Cloudflare extension setup

We have setup a new Plesk server and added the (beta) Plesk Cloudflare extension to auto sync.
All the domains are registered at Openprovider and we set the NS to the names Cloudflare gives us after the sync.
The sync works from Plesk to Cloudflare but I am not sure how to finish the setup in Plesk.
I would expect the local Plesk server to act as secundary but see no hint for this.
We also need to change the DNS template is seems but Cloudflare give different NS pairs sometimes so we can not hardcode in there. Could not find any more docs other than the install.
Anybody got this running and willing to share how it was setup?

PS it needs to be a universal setup because when clients order through our panel, it takes care of registration and Plesk setup so manual is no option.

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