Plesk + CloudFare - DNS are not active

I’ve got Plesk Obsidian Version 18.0.41
CloudFare PRO

Sorry, I’m new in CloudFare. :slight_smile:
I’ve faced with the following problem:

I tried to add 1 domain according to this video - How to Add Your Domain in Cloudflare with Plesk - YouTube

  1. Name Servers were changed in

  2. But when I try to check my domain by I’ve only errors
    screen - Dropbox - bad-DNS.png - Simplify your life

Any special workaround for special option Plesk + CloudFare ?
I’ve got Firewall - should I allow access for CLoudFare?

I did according to video - but my domain is not reachable when I changed NameServers on Godaddy to CloudFare suggested

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Change the name of your first A record to @ and you should be good to go. Let us know if that works.

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Sorry for the stupid question - did you mean like this ?

screen - Dropbox - @-symbol.png - Simplify your life
There is no @ in the drop-down list of options

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Ah, on your Cloudflare dashboard dns app,, select the domain in question, select edit on the first dns record, in the name field follow the suggestion to Use @ for root.

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Thanks a lot, it’s working !
is it ok that all nodes are active for CloudFare?
screen - Dropbox - test-A-2.png - Simplify your life


Looks like they were propagating in that screenshot, eventually all will be green.

And +1 to

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