Plesk Auto Generated Thumbnails Blocked by CloudFlare

In Plesk, for each site profile, a thumbnail is generated of the site’s home page. Cloudflare is blocking this from happening.
Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 5.18.30 PM

What setting do I need to adjust? I whitelisted the server IP and that did nothing to resolve the issue. I have a custom rule for the Plesk URL to disable basically everything except security.

May I ask if you’re using a Free plan? :thinking:

Which service and details does the presented and blocked page from the firewall event show when you click on it for more details, once you navigate to the CF dashboard → WAF → Overview tab? :thinking:

Do you get some error shown inside the “red bar” at the bottom of the screen?

Hi, I’m on the Pro Plan.

I looked in the WAF Activity Report and don’t see my server or my desktop IP addresses appearing in the report for blocking anything.

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