Plesk and Cloudflare Certificate

Hello Community,

I have a Plesk Website and I would like to have Cloudflare between it.
Usually I log into my Plesk and can use let’s encrypt to get a certificate for my Domain and for my Emails.
Now since Cloudflare proxies it, I’m not entirely sure what to choose as certificate for my Origin Server Domain and Emails.

Do I just create a certificate under SSL/TLS → Origin Server → Create Certificate and upload it manually?

Yes, you’d create and upload an Origin Certificate to Plesk.

Just a heads-up that receiving emails won’t work when the MX record is proxied (:orange:) so you’ll need to unproxy it (:ngrey:). Sending should be fine though.

Unproxing MX records are somewhat insecure and if you need to receive emails I’d suggest using an external provider.

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It is also worth noting that using a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on a mail server will produce undesirable results for any connections that check for a valid certificate.

I second the recommendation of using an external provider for email.

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