Please- will someone help (Cloonan if available)

When I tried to view website - around 25 March it did not show up on search or would not go to site when I put address in

I tried Cloudflare and got a 522 error

I asked support and got this reply from Damian on 27 March

Cloudflare staff are not able for making any changes on customer’s site/configuration - everything should be self-service - but we can provide some guidance here.

If I browse to your site, I see a 522 error. A 522 essentially means that Cloudflare cannot make a connection to your web server over HTTP/S ports and is getting timed out when we try to establish a connection. A couple of things to check

Under the DNS tab on our dashboard, check your DNS records and make sure they are pointing to the origin IP of where your website is hosted

Verify that your web server is listening on port 80/443

Make sure that Cloudflare IP’s listed here - IP Ranges are allowed to connect to your web server’s ports and not restricted in any way

Not being computer savvy at all, I wrote back twice (on reply from Cloudflare) on 28 March and April 2 and I have had no further replies from your support. I checked a few things which I don’t know if I was correct so I didn’t do anything yet.

I found this,and my ip address on godaddy is

Type Domain Name IP Address TTL

Cloudflare, Inc. (AS13335)|5 min|

Cloudflare, Inc. (AS13335)|5 min|

2 Ports I found this on clouflare when I checked how to do this1.2, always https, added waf rule blocking all port except 80/443. but pci scan and report compliant as … firewall and isn’t your origin so this finding can simply be ignored.

3 I could not see anything about a ranger on dns and could not find any of there IP addresses anywhere on settings
Could someone please point me in the right direction in simple terms…thank you


Goddady is your registrar and you will need a hosting provider/web server to host your site, this is also where you get your origin IP from.

I’ve replied to your ticket #2758282. See you there!

P.s. In the future please refrain from sharing your IP addresses publicly.

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Hello Wanda
Thanks for your help. Goddady is my hosting provider for this site. The ip address they have given me today ( it is the same one I gave you last time and I have put that in where you directed) .
This message they sent when I told them again website still down and they provided ip address again ."you need to wait for propagation time and once done then the website will be live globally without any issues. Can you please make sure they have added the ip and dns propagate soon from there end. … I don’t understand this propagation thing though if you could tell me how to check that I would be grateful
best regards. Robert

When changes are made to DNS records it will typically take sometime for the updated record to reach the world. Anyways, I see you made the changes needed and your site is now up!

Thanks for your help Wanda. What about the other stuff Damian said to check? Ip Rangers
Connection and Web server listening on port 80/443 which i didn’t understand. Is that now sorted?
Again thanks a lot for your help Wanda it has been difficult understanding everything and not a pleasant few weeks
Kind regards

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