Please wait while your request is being verified and then redirected

I am facing the same issue as mentioned in this post here.

Please wait while your request is being verified

The request is being intercepted by Cloudflare. I have checked that its not being blocked on the Firewall as it says “Allow” for the particular request being withheld.

When I pause Cloudflare on my site the problem goes away but as soon as I enable it the issue pops up again. Its definitely from the CF end with this experiment.

I have turned off cache for this request and tried all the options mentioned in the similar posts for this topic but still not able to get pass through this issue. Please help.

“by another system” do you mean the server host? If that’s the case then the challenge should be in place if I pause CF from my site but it goes away as soon as CF is disabled.

I have already tried the IP access rules too but that did not work either.

I have managed to get past this issue for now by increasing the timeout on the request from 30 to 60 seconds but I am really not sure how this has avoided the problem that I was facing now.

I would appreciate insight on this!

I have checked again and this is the exact request which is causing the said error if the timeout is set to 30 secs.

I didn’t say it was a firewall issue. The request I am valid expects a valid JSON from the server. However, when CF is enabled it shows this screen.

Please wait while your request is being verified…

After that it gets redirected to a URL with the following pattern:

[ ]([8-digit number]

This is breaking the code and creating an unexpected result.

When I change the timeout to 60 secs instead of the previous 30 secs the issue disappears and the code seems to work fine.

I just wanted to dig deep and know why this intermediate screen is showing up by CF and how to get rid of it.

That is the problem, the firewall entry I shared above is the one that is having the issue but it does not show any signal here and it says the request Action is allowed. That’s the reason I am not able to figure out what’s going on.

You can see the issue being reproduced on this [URL](

I have already added a configuration rule for these particular requests and set the Security level as Off

Here is the requested screenshot

The configuration rule is not based on the IP address rather it is identifying the request with part of the Query string that will be inlcuded in such requests so changing of IP address won’t affect it.

It seems like instead of providing the required details I am being asked again about the same.

I have already provided a URL above to reproduce the issue which is this one:

Further, The Security level is set to off for the said requests. To clarify it further I have already tested this with the Security level set to Essentially Off with the same result.

Still awaiting a meaninful response here that could help resolve the issue.

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