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How to turn off this feature?
“We are checking your browser”

Are you the site owner? If so, you can disable Browser Integrity Checks as per

If you’re not the site owner, there is nothing that you can change to disable the functionality on someone else’s website.


Something in Cloudflare needs to be reviewed. We are a large UK corporate and any website protected by Cloudflare is generating this message and a number of sites including and IPSOS are completely blocked preventing any of our staff from accessing.

Contacting each company individually isn’t a viable option so how do we find out why our IP is being blocked?

This is the screenshot. Surely a major retailer like currys would not want to be blocking customers

1020 is explicitly a rule that the customer has defined that matches your requests - Cloudflare cannot tell you why and they will not overrule their security settings on your behalf.

You can load something like Connection Stats | Cloudflare Tools which will show you what Cloudflare thinks about your IP’s threat score, bot score, etc - but Cloudflare won’t amend Curry’s rules and never will.

Thanks. It just seems bizarre that a company would block a section of their customers from accessing their site, I can only assume that they have no idea that this is the error being seen but trying to get hold of anyone at these companies isn’t exactly easy.

When triggering Managed Rules like the WAF, you’d get something like this:

The 1020 page you’re seeing is a manually defined firewall rule - that doesn’t mean they’re targeting your IPs directly, but rather they have a selector which is matching against your requests.

Naturally, since bad actors could use any information about that to get around them, Cloudflare can’t discuss those with anyone so the site owner is the only port of call you have for getting insight into why they blocked you.

Ok thanks. Curiously the currysplc site is ok so I’ve found a PR contact there to let them know

If you are being blocked it seems likely you have clients on your network which are infected with malware or are otherwise abusing websites. You should probably be reviewing your network traffic for anomalies.

Only their abusive ones and don’t call me Shirley.