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Dear Cloudflare Developers:

  1. Your Cache by Device Type documentation appears to be out of date and needs a refresh. For example, many of the plugins listed here are no longer active. Also, would be great to review other cache/performance plugin to determine if they should listed as well.

  2. The plugin, SG Optimizer, offers a Browser-Specific Caching option. Should we enable this option when using Cloudflare APO Cache by Device Type?

Thank you.

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Thanks for bringing that up. I’ll escalate this so that developers and documentation folks have a look.

Hmm… how does that work? Unless the plugin changes the URL, which is highly unlikely, the answer is no. If SG Optimizer creates separate cache keys based on browser, this will cause the request from the first visitor for a given URL to be cached by APO at the edge, and be served to all subsequent visitors regardless of their browser. And if SG Optimizer adds a cookie, it may lead APO to treat that URL as dynamic. Have you tested?

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Hi @cbrandt,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Concerning Item 2, SiteGround’s documentation is vague.

According to SiteGround’s plugin description:

Enabling the Browser-specific caching will create different cache versions based on the user agent used.

From what we’ve seen (via testing), SGO assigns a “query-string” of some type to each individual cached file for each device type.

In any case, we just finished testing their feature and have determined it offers no gain when Cloudflare APO’s Cache by Device Type option is activated.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

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This would make APO treat the requests as dynamic, unless their QS parameter is added to the list of query strings to be ignored.

This would cause the cache keys to multiply quickly, and need to be considered with caution.

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Great info. Thank you so much!

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