Please tell me how to delete the payment information of "Zero Trust". (Free plan)

I started using “Cloudflare pages” today and clicked “Enable access policy” from “Settings / Access policy”.
However, I found that I didn’t need this setting, so I wanted to cancel it. It seemed that I had to register Payment with “Zero Trust”, so I registered my credit card information and selected the free plan.

Since the “Access policy” of “Cloudflare pages” was successfully canceled, I wanted to delete the credit card information registered in “Zero Trust” next.

However, this time I could not find a way to delete the registration of credit card information.
I tried to search the community, but I couldn’t find it because I couldn’t speak English at all …
(Only google translate is relied on …)

Could you please tell me the above method?
Thank you for reading.

Hi @kota,
Anytime you have an active subscription even a Free one like the Teams Free subscription you must maintain a payment method on file.


thank you for your reply.

This time, the “Access Policy function” in “Pages” itself was no longer necessary, so it was not necessary to maintain the free subscription of Access.

This problem was solved because the credit card was deleted from another place.

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