"Please stop tagging staff members without a reason. Give the community a chance to respond."

Ok, so I recently had a post (What counts towards image resizing requests? - #2 by AppleSlayer) flagged and hidden as “inappropriate”! However, I looked at it and noticed this staff callout above the message:

And this is the post

And the OP (Orginal Post) was this:

I can understand the “Give the community a chance to respond” but what I DON’T understand is this:

  1. Why was the post hidden? I know I “pull the trigger” (figurately speaking) on some topics, but it WASN’T a false ping of a staff member! (The OP had an actual issue that required billing support)!

Billing support isn’t required to explain how Cloudflare charges for its services. These are documented online. Laurie’s job isn’t to explain pricing to customers.


Oh, that’s why the post was flagged and hidden (w/ staff callout)! I understand that now!

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