Please stop charging. I asked that this account be closed a year ago

I contacted Cloudflare a year ago. I reconciled my books today and found that I have been charged monthly for a full year. Please refund me and close my account.

I see the charges and see the domain was moved away from Cloudflare a while back. Can you do the following? Can you login and cancel your active subscriptions? Moving the domain does not automatically cancel the subscriptions.

Next, can you open a Billing ticket with Support and share your ticket number here so that I can escalate it for my colleagues in Billing?

To cancel subscriptions, log in, select Billing from the left navigation, and then Subscriptions and cancel all the active subscriptions on that page? LMK once you’ve done that and if you have any issues.

Do you have a ticket number from that contact that you can share here? The last ticket I see is from years ago and was not related to canceling your account.

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Hi there, could you please raise a new billing ticket for your case and tell us the ticket number? I am afraid I cannot find any recent ticket from your email here. Thank you!

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I moved my domain away from Cloudflare and stopped using the service more than 18 months ago. I have requested that Cloudflare stop automatically billing me. I want a refund and I want my account disconnected. I have tried to create a billing ticket but the system keeps telling me that it cannot create a ticket.

:point_up: as mentioned in March :point_down:

Please go to and cancel the three subscriptions
Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 3.10.23 PM

On the 4th subscription, click edit, scroll to the bottom of the plans page, select free and press Confirm

:point_up: as mentioned in March :point_down:

Customers on any plan type can create account, billing and registrar tickets with Support. I do see an issue in our ticketing system with your account, but will flag this for our team to assist. I created a ticket 2943135 for our internal tracking.


@smkyle1 I have been in conversation with the Billing team about your post, they’re standing by and asked that I confirm with them once you have taken the action to cancel the subscriptions as described above.

Please let me know on this thread once you have gone to and canceled the subscriptions.


Hi @smkyle1 were you able to successfully cancel the outstanding subscriptions?

Thank you for your help and thank you for creating ticket 2943135 and adding the cancelation detail. Any word on how I can be reimbursed?

Hi and I am very sorry for the amount of time that this is taking. I just reached out again to my Billing support colleagues to see if they’ve been able to correct the issue in our ticketing system with your account so that they can add you to that ticket. I’ll continue to push them and will drop an update on my :crossed_fingers: successful progress on that later today.

Again, I apologize for the amount of time this is taking.

The team was able to fix the internal issue we were encountering and I have created 2964754 on your behalf @smkyle1. You will have received a copy of that ticket via email and can reply on that ticket via email.