Please Someone explain How the Cloudflare stream storage working in a wordpress website

I am thinking to use stream for my website videos and i research about stream.
but still didnt get a better idea about how its implementing.
as per my knowledge, i need to activate stream then can use a plugin in my wordpress website
also player will be there, and i can directly upload videos from stream plugin from my website.
i come to knowthis much but still blank about storing of data.
i need to know,
when i uploading a video to stream, from where i can select the video files? is it already uploaded videos (media files from wordpress website) or from my local system?.
If its from my local system
where the video files are stored after uploading? In my website hosted server as a media file or the video will be directly uploaded to cloudflare?

i have these questions because, i have a bulk size of videos to be stored. so i cant upload or stored in website hosting server.

if the videos not stored in cloudflare stream or i need to store videos within my website
is there any other option for me to achieve my goal
because i need to use cloudflare and also dont want to loose storage in my website hosting space.
please someone help me to get a solution.

thank you

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