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#3083524 my ticket number

I signed up with Cloudflare to purchase a domain. Because I was not familiar with English, I misunderstood purchasing a domain and registering as a professional. Also, I signed up for a domain other than my own. It’s so sad. When I entered it into the dashboard, it informed me that I had to cancel my subscription in order to receive a refund. Following the instructions, I canceled my subscription and would like a full refund except for one month’s fee. Please, please. Please answer fast.

We’ll flag your post for our Billing colleagues and they’ll communicate with you on the ticket 3083524.

:point_up: what service was the subscription you canceled for?

The answer came. However, he had already canceled his subscription to receive a refund. Customer service says there is currently no “pro” subscription in my subscription information. There is a record of a payment of $240 in my payment information. Does the company not have my past subscription information?

Hi @fkwjs

I can see my colleague Bex already replied to you in the ticket and the issue has been addressed.

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