Please Remove the Domain completely from all of my cloudflare accounts

Hello Sir, I was earlier using GoDaddy hosting & created cloudflare account for the domain - ( )

Now i have changed the hosting to siteground. But I have created 2 more cloudflare accounts for the same domain. Now i m able to connect my domain to cloudflare through siteground.

Please remove my domain - “” from all of your cloudflare accounts. So that i can connect easily with new account !!

The nameservers for that domain do not point to cloudflare, It looks like the nameservers did point to cloudflare based on securitytrails. I also see lots of adds and deletes.

But, right now the site site loads and does not appear active on cf.

Is the issue you’re encountering that you cannot add the domain to cloudflare via the partner siteground? If so, what error are you receiving?


Note that no one in the Community here can do this action on your behalf & also note that Cloudflare Support cannot perform this action on your behalf.

If you are having issues/continue to have issues adding the zone via a partner, you’ll need to contact Support from each of the accounts you attempted to add the domain and request that it be purged from the account(s).


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