Please refund Failed Transactions due to your internal error

How can you say that? My issue is still not solved, i have not got payment back in my account.
It was failed transactions due to Cloudflare internal errors and Cloudflare admits publically, but it is very disturbing that why i am not getting payment back in my bank account?
Issue is not resolved even after 14 fu***ing days and i am amazed to see your behaviour, how can you say issue is resolved without customer/complainant consent?
#reliability:registrar #refund #security

And your ticket number is…?

The community can’t fix your billing woes.

Ticket No. 2515434.

I know community cant fix but sorry to say this is the only way to communicate our problem as Cloudflare do not provide live or other support.

Thank you for sharing a ticket number here with us.
I’ve escalated your issue.
Keep in mind it’s weekend now, in case you don’t get instant reply from Cloudflare billing team.
Kindly and patiently wait for a reply.

May I ask which plan are you using? :thinking: Chat is available on a Business at least.

My colleague has replied in the ticket, and provided guidance regarding how to solve the issue (you will need to contact your bank).

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