Please provide us information

Hi Team,

Could you please provide us information on the following?

  1. Is it possible to mitigate brute force attacks with Cloudflare?

  2. Is it possible to enable geographical blocking for the website and/or certain URLs?

  3. Does any of the above-requested features come under a free plan? If not, which plan provides the requested features? Also if the requested features are offered by both free and non-free plan, does the latter(non-free) provide any advantages?

We had already raised a ticket in Cloudflare, unfortunately, the ticket automatically closing, can anyone help me with this?

Rate Limiting does cover that, but comes with a cost.

It is possible with firewall rules.

Rate Limiting is usage-based. You pay for the number of non-blocked requests.

For geographical/country block, it depends on how many firewall rules you need to achieve your objectives. Free plan does provide 5 firewall rules for you to create. But if you need more, you might need to upgrade to a higher plan.

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Ok, it looks like an automated reply from your ticket system

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