Please provide NS to add to my domain registrar (


Im having an issue adding a new domain:


Please provide NS to add to my domain registrar so i can add my site on Cloudflare (

I was told by the registrar that they dont provide any kind of hosting and since the domain is new, it doesnt propagate as it would with known hosting registrars such as godaddy. godaddy for example provides hosting and their servers their servers are all over the internet for a while now.

What can we do in this case? They told me this is the standard procedure they follow.



Cloudflare won’t provide nameservers and you won’t be able to add your site here until it resolves. Ideally you should get a website up and running with HTTPS and then add it here.

You could use something like and add placeholder records.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

So which records does my registrar need to add?

Right now these are the options i see in my registrar:

If you run DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup you will see there is no propagation for all servers. The domain has been registered on the 14/12/2021.

Kindly provide steps of what my registrar needs to do in order for Cloudflare to be able to see my new domain.



If you’re going to host at GoDaddy, then GoDaddy will assign name servers for your domain that you can add at your registrar.

If you’re going to follow the instructions that Dom already explained, then will tell you which name servers to use.

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Its not godaddy, its a custom local registrar in my country.

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