Please my site is in a wrong mode and can't provide a secured connection

please am new here and i am having issues with my site ( is in html form which it is not suppose to be and if i click on any of the links it will open a new page and say my site cannot provide a secured connection

That looks a lot like mixed content, :search: here for mixed content #CommunityTip for or a tip with ideas to correct. You can try always use https on the ssl/tls app, but that looks like it’s css issues and that setting won’t affect css.

okay thanks for helping but if i click on any link i will be shown this

is it still a css issue

Looks like you have a few moving parts to check! There is a tip on that as well if you search for the error msg and #CommunityTip. Appears may just be a tls setting.

please can you specify the tls settings because i could not find a similar situation to mine in the community tips please

Hi @casoncasblog, in looking at your site I was thinking we should pick a problem and fix that and then move to the next problem. In looking at the site, it seems the protocolol error is the one we need to fix, I don’t think there is an issue with mixed content, or at least I don’t see one yet.

Using Google Chrome tools developer tools, console view, this is what I see:

From this tip, Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR, on the Edge Certificates tab of the SSL/TLS app on the Cloudflare Dashboard, can you turn off TLS 1.3?

Ok thanks for this tip i have switched off TLS 1.3 but it is still the same it has not gone back to normal what should i do pls

I see the effect of that change and am now seeing different errors. Can you pause Cloudflare on your site to see if the issue still occurs? There is an issue with the certificate name on your origin server and I suspect you have a redirect on the origin that is causing an issue.

Thanks for the tip, i just paused cloudflare but my site is not secured so can you help check if there are still problems please

Thank you, I don’t see the errors with cloudflare paused. And I do see the issue with the certificate on your origin.

You have options for an origin certificate. Ideally, you’d get a certificate from a certificate authority and install that on your origin server. In instances like now with cf paused, that valid certificate would be protecting the origin. And with that certificate, you can set to Full (strict) which gives end-to-end encryption from your visitor to your origin.

The next option is a self-signed certificate that you can generate from the Cloudflare dashboard and install on your origin server. Good details here, Step 2: Setting up SSL with Cloudflare and SSL/TLS app Settings. With this option, you’d set SSL to Full.


hello cloonan please am really confused on the installation process of the CA certificate please is there any way you can help. i have generated the key and the certificate but i do not know what to do next.
can i drop my sign in details so that you can help do the settings

Does it mean that i must upgrade my cloudflare to upload my newly created certificate

Hi @casoncasblog,

Is this the Cloudflare Origin cert that you have generated?

If so, this should be installed on your server, not at Cloudflare. I would suggest you contact your web host or refer to their documentation if you are not sure how to do this.

wow am getting confused please can you try breaking it down for me please

You have the certificate, what @domjh suggested was contacting your hosting provider and asking them to add that to your server. Alternative is to get an FTP client and the ip of your origin to transfer the file to your server yourself. It’s not overly difficult and with the ftp tool, you’ll be able to see all the files on your origin server.

ok let me ask my host for that

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