Please i need a serious help

Please my was loading fine since and i have been on cloudflare for long, but this morning i tried opening my site and its telling my ssl handshake fail… Please what could be the cause of this…?
thank you and best regards…

My guess, your server certificate expired? Check that the certificate on your server is valid.

Whats the URL?

Please how can i go about it? i am using my domain as blogger on google blogspot and now blogspot is not detecting that i have ssl installed on my url… it was working perfectly before, but suddenly stopped working again…

Please help me… I have checked my cloudflare to see if there is any error, but the universal certificate issued to me by cloudflare is active and fine and on “Full strict”…
Please what else can i do to resolve this issue…?


Assuming your DNS settings point to it seems you do not have a certificate at all on your server and, assuming you did not just remove it, you should have got that error all along.

Contact your host and make sure they configure a proper certificate.

I am using cloudflare free SSL certificate…

That only applies to the proxies, you still need one on your server.

Please help me out, how can i get the proxies in order to make my site to come up again becuase as i am talking to you now, on my blogspot dashboard, Google don’t longer detect that ssl certificate is installed on my url… please how can i go about the proxies…?

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