Please How to turn off Optimized Delivery (Early HintsBeta)

I noticed after activating this feature my website indexing slowed download
so I tried to turn them off, but I don’t know, I don’t see power off / turn off button , Please help how do I deactivate?

Early HintsBeta

Cloudflare’s edge will cache and send 103 Early Hints responses with Link headers from your HTML pages. Early Hints allows browsers to preload linked assets before they see a 200 OK or other final response from the origin.

Thanks for your interest! You will be able to enable Early Hints support once you have been admitted to the beta.

If you see this message Early Hints are not activated for you yet, but you joined the waitinglist.

oh! okay thanks

Please can you help with Recommendations to Increase my website speed (Cloudflare Services or What to Do ) my desktop page speed is okay and fast but my mobile is not too good it needs improvement . I have tried the APO but still, it’s still needs improvement

Thanks in Advance

In general:

  1. cache more.
  2. dont load unnecessary files.
  3. load in optimized order and with optimized templates.
  4. avoid JS as much as possible.

But if you are really interested in learning how to optimize a page maybe this is interesting for you: Optimizing The Crap Out Of Your Website With Cloudflare with Jon Kuperman