Please help with using cloudflare as DNS

Hello all,

It has been 48 hours since propagation but my site still not working. I have error 1016.

I have a domain with Namecheap, hosted on siteground, but wanted to have cloudlfare to manage my DNS for faster speed.

So I changed nameserver on namecheap to those of cloudflare, then on cloudflare, I added A type using provided Shared IP address from Siteground.

But after 48 hours, my site still has error 1016.

Do I have to wait longer? or am I missing something under Cloudflare DNS?

Thank you!

What’s the domain?

I just spoke to siteground, and they told me to change CNAME “” to “” and so something with ???.cloudflare.??? was removed from the string. But now my site is working, but I am not sure my site actually run on CDN cloudflare for caching. Is there a way to check my site is using CDN for all static content? I just wanted to make sure the site is working properly with Cloudflare managing DNS and pointing to Siteground correctly.

Thank you!!

It’s working for me. It redirects to HTTPS, then to www.

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t focus on a correct element. Your static content is being cached. The cf-cache-status header for .css, .png, .jpg, .js, etc. is HIT.

Thanks for checking. If you don’t mind my asking to double check. I ran a testing using this site: https://tools.key

And looks like only ajax has cdn cached. I asked because the string “” was erased from CNAME in DNS of cloudflare, so I was concern that it would remove caching of static files like images, etc…

Thank you!

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