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Greetings Cloudflare community. This is my first post. I hope you can help me resolve this issue.

I have a Domain managed by DreamHost with hosting and email. Recently our email has been bouncing so we were advised by Dreamhost to create an SPF record in DNS. However my Dreamhost control panel reported “This domain is not set to use DreamHost’s nameservers”. I did a DNS check at and it reports that “**Your DNS hosting provider is Cloudflare” and lists Cloudflare nameservers. Just to clarify there are no Cloudflare nameservers listed in my DreamHost DNS. All of the nameservers are Dreamhost nameservers.

On further investigation I found that the person who developed our website many years ago set up a Cloudflare account and added our domain. I obtained the login details and found that the site was “paused” and in the DNS only one “A” record pointing at the domain was orange. I turned it “grey” hoping this might help. 24 Hours later still no joy.

So I deleted our Domain from Cloudflare. 24 Hours later still no joy.
mxtoolbox still reports that “Your DNS hosting provider is Cloudflare” using the same Cloudflare nameservers mentioned above. My Dreamserver control panel still reports “This domain is not set to use DreamHost’s nameservers”.

Until I’m able to return control of the nameservers to Dreamhost I cannot create the SPF record which will help stop my email from bouncing or being treated as spam.

Can anyone help.


Whats the domain?

Your domain still points to Cloudflare. You will need to go to your registrar and point it to whatever other nameservers you’d like to.

Thanks for your response Sandro. For clarification, is my registrar my current Domain provider?

Presumably, your registrar seems to be 123 Reg.

Please excuse me as I’m just learning about this subject. Ok. So the registrar is the the organisation you first register your Domain with and not your current domain provider?

Not sure what you mean by domain provider, but yes it is the place where you registered the domain.

When I say “Domain provider”, I mean like "DreamHost or “Godaddy” or whoever currently hosts the domain.

Godaddy is (unfortunately) also a registrar, but as you are referring to “hosting” you mean a webhost and thats not a registrar but just the host. You need to change it where you registered the domain.

Ok, I’ll have to dig up some ancient 123 reg login details and make the changes there. I’ll respond back when I successfully resolve this issue. Thanks for your help.

Ancient? Havent you logged in there for a while? Where do you renew your domain?

I registered the domain way back but haven’t been physically handling the renewals. I knew We’ve been with Dreamhost for several years so assumed that the domain had been Transfered over to them and that they were now the “Registrar”. I need to contact the person who actually handled the renewals.

Sorry for the confusion but your knowledge of these topics has helped shed light on something that’s been giving me a headache over the past week. Again I appreciate your assistance and will post back when the issues resolved.

According to 123 Reg is your registrar, so they will be the ultimate authority (apart from the .uk registry of course). I cant tell you if you are directly connected with them or if your domain has been registered e.g. via a reseller who is simply using 123 Reg themselves. That could be Dreamhost but doesnt have to be.

Ultimately your nameservers need to be changed with your registrar in one way or another.

I think I remember in the past using 123-reg to register the domain.

In that case 123 Reg it is. Just dig out your login credentials, change the nameserves, and you are good to go.


Thanks Sandro. You’ve helped take a weight off my mind. I’ll certainly give a shout when its all done :+1:

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