Please Help! Updating blog post issues

Hi guys! It’s my first post here and I am in need of some help.

I am using cloudflare for this domain -

For some reasons when I go to update a published post or save a draft, I get a 524 or 500 Server Error.

It seems to only have this error with post already published. Not with unpublished post.

I contacted my host and they told me to redirect the IP from Cloudflare to them so they can fix it. Is this something I need to do? And if so how do I do it?

I’m not sure to what the pertains, but the 524 is a timeout error. If you search that number & #CommunityTip, you’ll find some suggestions to isolate the long running process that is timing out.

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Ok, thanks! I will check it out.

Good to know it is a timeout error. Could this have something to do with too many elements of the page or server speed?

Could be a performance issue with the origin, it may xhow in their logs

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