Please help to follow up after web site's owner has died

Dear Cloudflayer team,

My issue wouldn’t be regarding your technology or methods. My issue is regarding a specific case. There was a Russian guy Andrey Chernov He was an opensource programmer, a FreeBSD core team developer, Russian KOI8-R encoding developer (Type KOI8-R in Wikipedia, his name is there), a philosopher and a Thelemit. I used to visit his website which was under following domain names:
*** (cannot specify them because there is a limit for URLs per message.)

He has died 2 years ago but I did not know that. I realized this when his web site became unavailable. His domain registration has expired. And the website cannot be available any more.
Using this resource I’ve found that the last domain name setup he made was at 2015. and there is a Cloudflare’s IP.
I wish to to keep alive the resource after this person has gone in a best memory of him and I don’t know if anyone else wants to keep his website alive. I cannot get the source of his website because of Cloudflare’s protection.

I need help with this. I hope for Cloudflare’s team good will.

PS: You can find multiple news about his death in Russian segment of internet. Just type “Андрей Чеснов умер”

Cloudflare is a proxy service and content behind is hosted elsewhere. So even if you’d re-register the domain in question, the content is lost as I presume that the hosting has been taken down as well.

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I don’t think hosting service has been taken down, there is big chance the server is still up. But Cloudflare proxying does let me access the server directly via IP.

The Registrar and Hosting company may let you pay to keep it running maybe maybe contact his family and make a case to keep it going.

Well, someone would have to pay for it and if someone would pay for it, they’d have re-registeted the domain too i guess. It’s currently for sale.

I don’t have any understanding regarding his family or relatives, cannot find any personal info in Internet. Regarding Hosting: he might have a hosting for free, there are plenty ways to find a free hosting for a small website (I think it fits in less than 500Mb), especially if you are a software developer. I even don’t know the end IP of his server and a hosting company. But I think Cloudflare can disclose this info for this particular case, so I could move on in order to solve this case.

Hi @rusmaxwell, sorry, what you’re are asking is not possible.

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