Please help to change the assigned fixed ip

Hello. Please help to replace the fixed IP assigned after upgrading to the pro domain name. My friend had deleted the domain name in his cloudflare account and I added it back in my account, the ip assigned after upgrading to pro didn’t change. However I need a newly assigned ip.

Sounds to me like you’ve got the IP address of Cloudflare proxy :orange: .

Best practice is to make a backup of the DNS records using the “Import & Export” button to get a list of the existing DNS records as a .txt file (BIND9 formatted) as follows on the screenshot from below:


Since your friend already deleted the domain on his account, I’d like to inform you about possible outage or issue you’d experience by trying to access your Website for the next 24-48 hours due to the nameserver change and the DNS propagation process.

Best practice is to leave the domain “as-is”, since Cloudflare would remove it on it’s own once it’s propagated on your CF account with the new assigned nameservers from your CF account.

Since we publicly don’t know who’s your service or hosting provider, I’d like to suggest you to contact your hosting/service provider for the IP address(es) and other DNS related things, so you could setup and configure it correctly.

Otherwise, using the online tool for DNS hostiry of your domain name, you could possibly trace & track back the IP address before you’ve added your domain name to your friend’s Cloudflare account.

Online tool:

I’d also give it a try at your friend’s CF account by navigating and checking the Audit Logs to try to dig, at least something for help.

Helpful article:

Your reply doesn’t answer the question. What I mean is that the cloudflare account that is connected to the domain name is changed, and the pro is upgraded, but the ip assigned by cloudflare is the same as the previous account, and has not been changed. I need to change to a new ip.

If you’re using Cloudflare to proxy/protect your actual IP address, then there’s nothing you need to change. It’s not like Cloudflare assigns a fixed IP to your server. When your domain is resolved, some Cloudflare-internal (i.e. not in your control) is provided, and that IP does not point to a specific server itself but to whatever Cloudflare deems best at that particular time (anycast).

Or maybe you’re not explaining your problem/question clearly?

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A domain with a pro upgrade. You will assign it a fixed 3 ip. And it will never change. . I bought this domain name from my friend and added it to my account after deleting it. It is still the 3 IPs allocated before. I need to reassign my ip.

Cloudflare is a proxy. The IP addresses it advertises are for the end user visitor. If you are pointing to the correct origin and your site is active there is nothing to change whether the same Cloudflare IPs are advertised or not.

The expectation of an IP address change based on site owner or plan is not in line with how the product actually behaves.


If the above does not reply to your question, the only other interpretation I can make is that the domain currently points to the IP address of the server of the previous owner, and you want to change the DNS record (e.g. for the “www” subdomain) to point to the new (your) server.

In that case, just to go the DNS settings and add/modify the “A” record (and “AAAA” if applicable) for the base domain and/or the “www” subdomain, etc. regardless of whether you actually use Cloudflare proxying (:orange:) or not ( :ngrey:, DNS only).


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