PLEASE HELP - Squarespace, ISNIC, trouble with domain

I’m trying to transfer my domain,, to Squarespace, and the transfer failed. I confirmed that it was eligible for transfer and that all information was entered correctly.

Do you know why the transfer was denied?

I bought the domain from ISNIC, and changed the nameservers as was suggested to:

Cloudflare says that my domain is connected and protected. I’ve entered all the correct fields required by squarespace in to the DNS.

Could it just be that I need to wait? As I only did all this about 30 minutes ago.


Which transfer? Cloudflare does not support .is domains yet in its function as a registrar, so that transfer cant have involved Cloudflare. If some transfer failed you need to contact the registrar or the involved parties.

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So Cloudflare doesn’t support .is domains? I purchased the domain on ISNIC, and set up all the relevant stuff within Cloudflare and there didn’t seem to be any issues. The only issue was one bit not being able to connect to squarespace. Should I used a different website to Cloudflare then?

Thats what I have been saying three weeks ago.

You didnt transfer the domain, you simply added it to the service.

But my question still stands, which transfer failed?