Please help smtp support?

can any one tell me how to get smtp here…

I am afraid Cloudflare currently does not provide e-mail services.

Moreover, maybe you have an email and to setup your e-mail working while using a Cloudflare for your domain? (possible)

Here is a great tutorial in case you want to use Cloudflare for your domain and still have your e-mail work:

Other way, I believe it is not possible to get SMTP here from Cloudflare.

You cannot get SMTP with Cloudflare but you can use gmail smtp using a normal gmail address. But here is the trick, you can set the FROM field to your own domain even you use gmail smtp. Sounds unbeliveable but it actually works.

So if your goal to have an SMTP is that to sending email through your own domain then here is the step you can do:

  1. Enable App Password in gmail, add a password there. Note it.
  2. Use “send email as” and add your [email protected]
  3. Gmail send a code to your [email protected]. You will need an email forwarding service to receive that code though.

You can follow this tutorial with screenshot and details steps

Again, it sounds unreal to have gmail smtp send email with your own domain but it actually works.

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