Please help. Sites stopped opening. Domains are not pinged

Please help me understand the problem.
I stopped opening the domains and
They are not pinged on the command line.
Parking pages should open (, but they don’t. 18 hours ago everything was working.
Both domains have been hosted on Cloudflare for a long time.
Been trying for over 10-12 hours now to determine the cause and can’t.
Could it be some kind of blocking on the Cloudflare side?
But this page opens normally:
Please help me to identify and solve the problem


Also, you have an insecure legacy encryption mode selected and should fix that too.

Малийский реестр лишил компанию Freenom аккредитации.
Когда это произошло?
Вчера он еще работал.

Да, вам следует переключить его на Full Strict на всех ваших сайтах. Сейчас у вас нет шифрования.

Что касается реестра, то это было на этой неделе.

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I don’t have an SSL certificate on the server, so I only have SSL between the client and Cloudflare.

In general, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
I sat for more than half a day trying to solve the problem - I thought I made a mistake when configuring the servers and configuring Cloudflare and broke everything.
Total of a day and a half without sleep or rest and almost no food.
I didn’t even know and didn’t think that accreditation could be revoked.
Where do you keep track of such information that you were aware of this situation? Personally, I didn’t know.

I moved to another domain and the problem disappeared.
I wonder why Freenom had its accreditation revoked by Mali?

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That’s unfortunately a security issue and keeps your entire site insecure. It’s always important to have a certificate on the server and to use Full Strict. All the other legacy modes drop all security.

As for why Freenom is not accredited any more, I understand there were certain security concerns, because the TLD is very similar to the US-American .mil TLD. However Gabon also dropped their accreditation recently.

Got it, I’ll google how to set up Full Strict

Why you should choose Full Strict, and only Full Strict has all the details. Just read it all and you find everything to set it up correctly.