Please help! Site down :(

Hello! My site is mightymilk dot co. When I go to www dot mighty milk dot co, it quickly flashes to a page that says SSL certificate not valid before redirecting to the site. But when I go directly to mightymilk dot co, it does not flash that certificate. How come entering www before my website doesn’t work with the certificate but going straight to the URL with www does work? thank you

It may be that the SSL certificate on your origin server covers only and not Check for that with your hosting provider. (Alternatively you can do the redirect on Cloudflare).

It is a little strange that in a browser going to the Cloudflare 526 error appears briefly, and then the site redirects to anyway; you’d normally expect to see the 526 page stay in place as I see on the command line or here…

(add) Your site isn’t down, it’s working ok apart from the 526 page flashing up.

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