Please Help! Problem on pending ownership (but NS is on Cloudflare)

hi! i have change my domain’s ns shows cloudlfare 10days ago!!!.. i have checked on my domain “shows” the NS at Cloudflare but…
ON Cloudflare dash appears that my domain is still on pending!!!
it sounds strange! may someone help me???

Hi there!

Looking at the pending domain on your account, it looks like you created NS DNS records at your current nameservers, rather than changing the nameservers at your domain registrar.


I really appreciate your reply!
After your reply ,I contacted the handling company of my domain and althought i had made the change finaly they had serious technical problem and they couldnt make the change in international level but only in local (in country only). So at local my domain shows NS of Cloudflare but in international global all the others servers couldnt see the change.
The technical problem solved today, and fortunately the domain changed from pending to ACTIVE on Cloudflare.

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